Lolita Poster Design

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LolitaLolita Quote


Now that I have a few weeks off from school I have time to work on small projects I’ve been thinking about throughout the past term. Throughout 2014 I’ve been trying to read more and write down quotes that stuck out to me in each book. Now that the year is almost over, I want to design posters/book covers for each book. I have quite a few to go but here’s my first.

Pale Pink

Category : Fashion · (1) Comment Dec 5th, 2014

A33C2964So pale that I can blend in with my fellow white backgrounds.

2014: The Reinvention of Podcasts

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Yes yes okay, I’ll jump on the bandwagon and talk about my current love of podcasts. While (of course) my #1 choice is This American Life’s “Serial”, I also have a couple of others which keep me entertained.

Industrial Green

Category : Fashion · (2) Comments Nov 30th, 2014


My friend Matt & I wandered around Eugene’s industrial area, searching for bold landscapes and bright colored walls.

Falling Leaves

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My best friend & I went on a little campus photoshoot this past weekend. Fall is my favorite time to explore Oregon because the leaves are gorgeous and the weather isn’t too cold.