April Mix 2014


Spring songs to listen to while you relax & enjoy the warm weather. Well, warm-ish weather. The sun is still a little too low in the sky and the wind is still a little too crisp but we’ll get there soon. 

1. The Fairest of the Seasons by Nico
2. Salad Days by Mac DeMarco
3. I Belong In Your Arms by Chairlift
4. Don’t Watch Me Dancing by Little Joy
5. Summer Day by Coconut Records
6. Salty Sweet by MS MR
7. Cruel by St. Vincent
8. White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground

Sorry for disappearing for a little while! Due to finals, things have been a little hectic. Luckily, I’ll be practically finished with my junior year by the end of this week & I’m traveling to Alsace to celebrate. Along with upcoming travels, I have a lot of exciting projects coming up and I can’t wait to share them with you all.