Wanted a Fur Jacket; Bought A Hat Instead

Category : All, Fashion Feb 2nd, 2014

Fur hats help keep your ears warm when your hair doesn’t do the job

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-Thrifted Faux Fur Hat
-AA Velvet Bustier
-Urban Outfitters Cream Cardigan
-AA Black Riding Skirt
-ASOS Tan Wedges

I spent quite some time searching through thrift stores, looking for a fur coat. Who could possibly live in France without a fur coat? Well, I remembered how terribly heavy they are, and how difficult it would be to transport it home since I’m restricted to two 50lb suitcases. Also, my family kept joking that I would get red paint thrown on me if I ever wore it around San Francisco/Portland once I returned home. Instead, I picked up this little guy to sooth my desire. Thanks to Drew Osumi for the great photos.

J’ai passé beaucoup de temps cherchais pour un manteau de fourrure aux magasins. Qui est-ce que habitez en France sans un manteau de fourrure? Alors, je me suis souvenu qu’ils sont tellement dense et ce serait difficile de transporter chez moi. Aussi, ma famille fait un blague que les habitants à San Francisco/Portland me couvrirait avec peinture rouge si je portais. Plutôt, j’ai acheté un petit chapeau. Merci Drew pour les photos!


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1 year ago · Reply

Love this look! So chic!
love your blog! following you dear!


Deb Damron
1 year ago · Reply

Love the look, the hat and the photos. You choose amazing backdrops for each photo shoot. Always looking forward to the next one!

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